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Great thread on casting problems in Hollywood


Another awesome UI example from @signlfm for how could be. Imagine this on mobile!


This is an awesome (though not perfect) UI example from @signlfm for how could be


To honor 75 anniv. of Anne Frank's diary, I'll help someone buy a domain & set up a blog


I love this thread about politics and education. Especially Simon's response.


Can anyone invite me to Refind please? @refindcom


Some of what you're talking about @wiobyrne is the concept of "planet"


A great interactive CMS/platform for building your : @withknown


The Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams


One more quick test...


Testing out posting from Quill for Jeremy Cherfas


I've discovered @hypothes_is ‏can be a useful tool for annotating a conference schedule to determine what I'm going to attend.


Reading through the schedule for WordCamp Orange County on 6/10-11 @ocwordcamp