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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







anyone? This sounds like the kind of thing @schnarfed will show up with at camp and it'll be fully built out using WebSub.


Anyone who didn't get enough of Open Domains Lab this afternoon is more than welcome to join in on the chat to continue conversing and building their website.


I can see an interesting use case for at an online Twitter conference like . When you're done you can cut and paste the content into your own website as an archive.


This is just the kind of post I added a chicken feed to my WordPress site for.


What's up with the fighter jets circling Los Angeles for the past 10 minutes?


I've seen more people who use @withknown this past week than any other platform's users.
It's obviously much easier to leave when you've got somewhere valuable and worthwhile to go to.


This multi-photo update to @withknown sure makes it easier to quit instagram!
Thanks @mapkyca @benwerd ;) and gang!


Thinking about going , but haven't made a platform choice? @GrabaPerch is an interesting choice with Webmention support and more. Also currently on sale!


There is a whole "new" information paradox proposed by @nattyover
I'll wait to see what @ChristophAdami publishes before dipping my toe into this black hole of a problem. ;)


Is it just me or is @NiemanLab's website down for everyone?


RSVP invited · Issue #156 · pfefferle/wordpress-semantic-linkbacks

When sends webmentions for people invited via a Facebook POSSE copy, the webmentions for these people don't show up properly in comments because `semantic_linkbacks_type` is set to "invite" instead of "rsvp:invited".

Manually effecting the change in the database provides the expected display. See:


Something about his website makes me think that @weslinda might appreciate Homebrew Website Club in Baltimore next week:


That's a great Christmas present. Congratulations!