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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, IndieWeb, mnemonics, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation






Wishing I was at today to hear my friend Tantek Çelik @t, web standards lead @Mozilla & @CSSwg, talk on "Take Back Your Web"

Livestream: at 2:30PM Central


Sadly Twitter notifications already didn't display 140 characters on my Android phone; it's worse with .


IndieWebifying my website: part 1, the why & how | AltPlatform

AltPlatform blogger Richard MacManus details how he's modifying his website to join the independent web. I'm tickled pink that he holds my site up as a quintessential example. (I'm hoping he's using it in the sense of the Latin word for five as I can name at least that many and even more that are better...) Of course, like Bernard of Chartres, I've only been able to see further because of giants like Matthias Pfefferle, David Shanske, dozens of other indieweb proponents, and the thousands upon thousands of folks in the WordPress community.


Mobile UI suggestion: Chat bubble or menu option to create post from home screen · Issue #24 · microdotblog/issues

The Timeline, Mentions, and Favorites all have a "chat" icon in the upper right to allow one to create a status update. Why not also include this on the main homescreen (or a "Create Post" button just above Timeline) so there's one less step to posting? It also makes it easier for new users to figure out how to post.


Replied to a post on :

Feature cover image quality too poor · Issue #260 · raamdev/independent-publisher

I think that this had been answered before. Perhaps the solution at will fix your problem?


Suggestion: Store GPS coordinates in the recommended WordPress format/standard · Issue #29 · jtsternberg/DsgnWrks-Instagram-Importer

It would be nice if the plugin stored the GPS coordinates with the standard/suggested WordPress standard:

This would allow the usage of secondary plugins (like [Simple Location]( to access the stored data and do something with it.


Privacy Flag in 3.0.2 not respected · Issue #20 · dshanske/simple-location

When using the setting "private", the post displays the svg pin icon and the text address of the location which is the behavior one would expect with the "text only" setting, not "private" which shouldn't display any location information at all.


Checked into Little Free Library #20820

#20820" />

Took one book, left 10 books.


@Chronotope #1 Your Twitter stream makes me wish that I had a little script that would allow me to click the heart (like) on Twitter and have the link in that post be automatically "nominated" to my PressForward install.

#2 If you used something like for your tweetstorm commentary (which incidentally keeps a constant linked reply stream on Twitter), you could very easily bundle them up and repost them as a more complete blog post if you wished. (Instructions:


Support for Emoji · Issue #2 · eholin/WP-Advanced-Recent-Posts

In some of the displays (Thumbnail and Dropcap primarily), if/when there is no image, the first letter of the title appears in the display block. (This is nice/simple UI display by the way.)

It would be interesting if when an emoji were the first "word" in a title if the emoji displayed instead of just an "&" which is the first character in most (all?) emoji strings. Bonus points if it could display the emoji in the block, and then remove it from the displayed title.

Example of current display when an emoji is the first "word" in a title:
![emoji example](

Cross reference: