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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@Chronotope I'm curious what your thoughts were on @dsearls ā€¸article:
Is there a better way for publishers to own their own adtech in a more decentralized sort of way? What would that look like?


@jgmac1106 If you're as poor a theme tinkerer as I am but about to embark on adding microformats to a theme, I might recommend taking a look at the individual commit changes that David Shanske goes through in converting the base Twenty Sixteen Theme into a more IndieWeb friendly theme. The list of commits with useful labels can be found here: Clicking on each of the changes will give you highlighted changes for what he did.

I would recommend starting at the bottom and then slowly reading your way to the top to try to understand what he's doing in each section. Note that there are one or two places where he splits a particular change up between a few commits or occasionally backtracks. There's also a section in which he "rips" out the WP core functionality of Post Formats in favor of using the Post Kinds Plugin--I'd recommend you don't do this to make your resultant theme the most flexible. I believe there's also a section in which he adds a "comment walker" and later removes it because the experimentaly functionality was later merged into the Webmentions/Semantic Linkbacks plugin to better handle comments, so you can safely ignore may of those chunks which are now stable.

I suspect that between this and the code models for SemPress and Independent Publisher (which should also have some David Shanske specific commits and related discussion that you can look up) you may be somewhat better off.

Good luck! We're all cheering for you!


@khurtwilliams @koolinus In case you'd like to see a comparison of the web we lost to the new that we're building, this overview chart can be helpful:


@dsample I suspect you're already aware, but for others who come along, some of these functionalities are relatively solid/stable plugins, which we all wish were in core, including


@davidlaietta For WordPress related activity in the area of , among many others you should generally know are @dshanske (aka GWG), @pfefferle, and @schnarfed (aka snarfed).

In addition to a lot of IndieWeb specific pieces @pfefferle has also done some work on ActivityStreams ( while @schnarfed has some great work with and

I've written a lot of intro related pieces which may help you get started: In particular, the second two in the "Introductory Articles" section may be the most useful higher level overviews for you. The wiki has a large number of pages devoted to a WordPress worldview starting here:

Along with a plethora of others (who I've always found very warm and welcoming) we're all often hanging out in the IndieWeb chat rooms (there's a specific related one as well): If you want to hop on a conference call, I'm happy to walk you through some of the basics and point you in the direction of areas you're most interested in checking out.

If you're free at the end of June, the IndieWeb Summit is a great place to start as well: Many of us are planning on attending. If you can't make it in person, we should be livestreaming a lot of it for remote attendees as well.


@sfaze If you're free, I hope you might join us either in person or remotely via live stream in Portland on June 26-27 for the IndieWebSummit.


@madebydusk @CraftCMS I think @m_ott has experience (and a plugin) with the webmention portion:
The portion should hopefully be as simple as inputting an RSS/JSON or other feed. @manton2 may possibly know of others.


@realkimhansen @jimpick @mattscomments While I'm thinking about it, if you aren't aware yet, this year's IndieWeb Summit is coming up on June 26-27 in Portland. It would be great to see you all there.


@xolotl @indiewebcamp And a nice attempt at a well marked up official RSVP on your site no less!


@FedericoCulloca I haven't heard the episode yet, but I actually created a pronunciation page this past week for just this eventuality! If you know where Torvalds' original is, it would be great to document.


Thanks for your questions. Several of us took a stab at answering them in the IndieWeb wiki today. You can find the answers here:
I recall you said you were in the IndieWeb Slack channel, so if you need more specifics or help, please don't hesitate to stop by and one or more folks there will be happy to help you out the best we can.


@jgmac1106 @DoOO I think that one day in the not-too-distant future, the half a dozen IndieWeb plugins for WordPress will not only merge together, but they might also enter the core product, thus making them simpler and easier to use. WordPress can be made much more flexible and extensible with plugins for a variety of purposes and there's a tremendously valuable community and ecosystem that's already there. Further, I think that companies, similar to Reclaim Hosting and the DoOO movement, will eventually spring up to make hosting and owning one's own site simpler and easier. While there's a lot of value baked into Known, its community and resources aren't (yet!) as large or as flexible as WordPress or even other open source communities. Fortunately the IndieWeb principle of plurality will show us the way forward. The more things working toward openness and shared standards will make these ideas all the stronger.

While the recent spate of work on IndieReaders is awesome and inspiring, I'm also curious what is next after that? IndieBrowsers? IndieHardware?

Ultimately I'm grateful that we're all here pressing the boundaries and experimenting with what is possible.


@JmacDotOrg When you get a chance, could you document it at ;)