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Why couldn't journalists use bigger publishers/aggregators as syndication partners this way?


For the syndicated portfolio, you might want to take a peek at the PressForward plugin for WordPress []. While it is a stand-alone feed reader under the hood and could be used for creating an editorial flow, it will let you use a simple bookmarklet on your work published on another site to make a quick and complete copy of the post on your own site. Within the plugin settings you can set a "time to forward" (I use one second) such that people who visit that particular post will be automatically forwarded to the original (and canonical URL) on the commissioning outlet's site.

As an example, compare: (which is a bookmark with some commentary pointing to my post)
to (which is an exact copy of my post, which only I can see on my backend, that redirects the viewer to the original on AltPlatform).

This is beneficial as you can syndicate (POSSE) the post with your own URL to Facebook, Twitter, et al. and folks who click to read will be sent to your site for a moment before being forwarded on to the original. Thus you get a ping and the original outlet also gets a ping (as well as the advertising revenue for it.) And if, for any reason, the original outlet goes out of business, gets sold, or disappears, you've got a word-for-word copy of your original and can simply un-forward it so that it can appear on your site as it was originally published. Naturally if you prefer and the outlet doesn't stipulate otherwise, you could publish the original to your site and not forward it (or even forward it for an exclusivity window of time pre-agreed with the original publisher.)

Additionally, if you're using for backfeed, anyone who comments on your POSSE copies will have their commentary sent to your site. While others won't necessarily be able to see the commentary (if you're forwarding the URL to the publisher's original), at least you'll be aware of it and can reply to it and get your own replies in return. I suspect that in the future may be able to scrape commentary based on the syndicated URL so that your personal version aggregates commentary from the publisher's original as well as mentions of it on Facebook, Twitter, et al.

There are still some missing pieces I'd like to see in such a workflow for journalists, but it's slowly and surely getting somewhere.

(I've written about other parts of PressForward before at as I also have an off-label use-case to replace read it later apps like Pocket and InstaPaper.)


@cleverdevil Thanks for the kind words Jonathan. I nearly used your example in the piece, but it was already clocking in around the 4,600 word/20 minute mark, so I had to let it go. I've been thinking about this issue since last November and your post a while back was part of the kick-in-the-pants that made me write up all the moving pieces together so that feed readers not aware of the possibilities could see the bigger picture.

If you remember, do manually POSSE your comment to the main article so those who come across it have the extra example!


Doug, To my knowledge doesn't have any support for GoodReads (yet), but I know has some capabilities, though likely not what you may be in search of. I typically manually POSSE to GoodReads at the moment.


I dream of the day when I no longer have to manually POSSE...


Replied to a post on :

I like the ability to put URLs on crossposted versions as well.

If you include the ability to link to cross posted versions, particularly for hosted, be sure to include a u-syndication (microformat) class on it: see also:

For those on WordPress, it would be nice if there were built in support for the Syndication Lins plugin which covers several other services that POSSE copies and shows syndication links as well for post discovery.


Has my Twitter POSSE stopped working?


Replied to a post on :

I view replies to be similar to notes in not needing/requiring titles.

For metadata it can often be useful to have an actual title in the admin UI to identify the post in those administrative views.

What I find even more interesting/useful is having the ability to put in a custom title for automatic POSSE purposes, and the title is often used by many (most? all??) POSSE plugins for just this. In this UX/UI case it can mean some of the content could be displayed multiple times, once in the title and again in the body, which isn't ideal.

I'm certainly in the boat that stripping the title is a theme issue. I'd argue that for the best possible broad usage, Post Kinds should strip it out (using CSS) as a default and allow those who'd prefer to display it on the front end, just untoggle the CSS setting.

If this is the case, then the final consideration is the duplication of content between the title and body within RSS as well.


Thrilled to be able to POSSE posts from @WithKnown to Mastodon now courtesy of @nxd4n using


Can't wait to try POSSE from @withknown to Mastodon!


@EduCaaS @pgonyan @Withknown es un proyecto que permite POSSE a Github si está buscando algo así.


Replied to a post on :

Jonathan, perfect, the new version fixes the issues with the content showing on the permalink.

The separate, but somewhat related issue is that the post interface still shows all of the UI for syndicating to all of the options (facebook, twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.), yet choosing those options doesn't actually syndicate the content. (Typically I wouldn't POSSE these post types anywhere anyway, but other users may expect this piece to work if it's shown.) I know some post types in Known hide the syndication targets when they're not supported (ie, only audio related posts can be syndicated to soundcloud), but I'm not sure how these are done.

Interestingly, when editing these types of posts, the syndication targets (correctly) aren't shown in the editable version.


Replies not working · Issue #4 · dg01d/KnownPnut

When trying to reply to a pnut post and syndicating to pnut, the post not only doesn't thread, but doesn't even post to pnut, nor does it return the permalink of the post.

Manual POSSE:


New silo: · Issue #736 · snarfed/bridgy

@dg01d has created a [Known plugin]( to POSSE to [](, a small Twitter-like social networking silo. Pnut was created in some sense to replace which recently shut down.

He and @jeremycherfas were chatting on about possibly adding backfeed to for I'm creating this issue as a stub for potential future work, along with the ever-requisite addendum:

Instructions for adding a new silo:


Testing the ability to POSSE posts to via @WithKnown courtesy of @dgold.