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@Pocket #FeatureRequest: Ability to immediately mark as read with bookmarklet? #UX #UI

In some odd sense, I often use Pocket as a personal linkblog of sorts, so nearly everything I'd either like to read later or have read online ends up there. My Pocket bookmarklet, by far, has the senior-most pride of place in my browser toolbar.

While the vast majority of things I bookmark are done so to read later, every now and then, something is so compelling that I read it immediately. But I still want to save it to Pocket (almost as a bookmark functionality, particularly as it was so compelling). After using the bookmarklet to add tags and save it to my account, I'd love it if the following popup banner had a "Mark article as read" button in addition to the "View List". 

If you want to go a step further, you could add the ability to favorite that particular link as well. This would allow people to immediately highlight either important things, or additional extra-functionality for those using services like IFTTT or Zapier to API Pocket content to other platforms based on tags, favorites, or marked as read items.

Internally, with this type of functionality enabled, Pocket could also use the incoming data as an additional indicator that articles that are even more compelling than others instead of simply relying on bulk numbers of articles bookmarked to be tagged on the system as "Best of" or similar  trending types.


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On the topic of extrapolating where some of this is going, there's also a pending UI issue amongst competing annotation platforms. They're going to need to watch where they put their overlays for annotating/highlighting or they aren't going to work together well. Not to mention other social media plugins that have similar popups for highlighting and sharing.