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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@hankchizljaw There's also @withknown & @WordPress which also have webmention support for site-to-site communication in addition to all the other tech @keithjgrant mentioned. Next we just need the microsub solution widely distributed


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Here's an example of a reply from an entirely different website that isn't affiliated with or WordPress--It's running the WithKnown CMS.

Congrats on getting two-way conversations going on your website.


@mapkyca @jeremyjmonroe @withknown I haven't seen a plugin either, but it should be doable via API
@Medium wrote their own version for WordPress which still works:


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@benwerd I've only ever thought of POSSE as a stop-gap until the rest of the world catches up with some of the open technology that gives us more freedom, flexibility, and privacy. Bad behavior by corporations will hopefully speed up that process while continued improvements to platforms like WithKnown increase people's options and improve the landscape dramatically.


I've seen more people who use @withknown this past week than any other platform's users.
It's obviously much easier to leave when you've got somewhere valuable and worthwhile to go to.


This multi-photo update to @withknown sure makes it easier to quit instagram!
Thanks @mapkyca @benwerd ;) and gang!


@jorgeegomez Interesting that you reference @withknown. It's actually what I personally used to reply to these tweets and own this part of the conversation! It's a spectacular self-hosted & paid option.
@jgkoomey @judell @mapkyca


@zmoglesby @WithKnown I just posted my first "official" one yesterday, but it was to my @WordPress site... :(
My guess is that there's not a huge amount of interest in general based on the extant examples, but if it's an itch for you, then venture forth!


Wait... What?! There's a reading plugin for @WithKnown? It appears to be based on Jonathan LaCour's Food plugin, but portends some interesting new "read" post functionality within the IndieWeb community.


@pvagner @benwerd @mapkyca @rMdes_ @andrea @mruncieman @_dgoldsmith @techlifeweb @nxD4n I'm tempted to offer a bounty to see if we can't fix/reconcile difference in bookmarks/likes in @withknown core & that in @kylewmahan's Known Reactions. cross ref:


@andrea It looks like you're missing the Semantic Linkbacks plugin for WordPress. That should make your facepiles have actual faces and display much better.

How are you posting to Known? Using Quill or another micropub application? Do you have the WithKnown Twitter plugin installed? That can help some of the display issues you're probably seeing.

I'm sure many in the IndieWeb chat (Slack, IRC, Web, etc.) can give you help if you need it. There's a main room, and and specific channels.

I'm out at the moment but am happy to help more later if you need it.


It's exactly the ease and simplicity of WithKnown that keeps me coming back to it too.


I've finally gotten around to installing the update for the Twitter plugin for @WithKnown to support the longer 280 character limit. With any luck this will serve as a positive test that everything is working properly.

Have you updated yet?