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I played around with it a bit tonight. In general I like the fact that the webmentions are simple/short one liners listed last with the commenter's name (linked) along with whether they like, reposted, or mentioned the article and where.

Eventually at some point for very popular articles the list can get incredibly long at which point doing either a facepile (or even a simple list) would probably be preferable. Example
Liked by: John Smith, Bob Jones, Jane Chen, Larry Sommers, Charlie Brown
Reposted by: comma separated list of names
Mentioned by: list of names (wrapped with URL pointing to the mention)

In the end, some of this type of UI will depend on the site (perhaps it's an option in the theme? for n>some integer cutoff), but as it stands, the current solution you've given @raamdev is probably workable for the larger number of potential users.

Kudos on being one of the first themes to split this type of functionality out in your comments!!


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Sorry for the delay, but my work schedule and travel have been awfully heavy lately. It does sound like the issue I'm having is somewhat related to the discussion on

I've got two separate installs with the same IndieWeb plugins installed. One uses Independent Publisher and the other is a slightly older version of the Academica Theme (v1.2.3 downloadable from which is outputting the facebook likes, twitter favorites, and reposts properly (or at least as I would expect.)

For some reason Independent Publisher isn't outputting likes, favorites, or resahares from Twitter and Facebook out of the box the way that Academica (or even WP common themes like Twenty Fourteen or Twenty Fifteen) does. They're not showing up at all. On the site with Academica Theme, I've tried doing a "Live Preview" of the Independent Publisher theme and there, it also seems to be "eating" (not showing) these additional comments from while all the other traditional comments do show up.

However, while you're tracking down the issue(s), you might also consider tweaking one additional output issue with respect to these types of comments. From a UI standpoint for themes using IndieWeb, I would recommend that the comment section sort out the comments and display them somewhat differently. For simple Facebook likes and Twitter favorites, it might be best to aggregate all of them into a facepile [] with a simple header ("Liked on Facebook"/"Favorited on Twitter") followed by the photo icons of the people who liked/favorited the article within those platforms. (This is similar to how most Wordpress sites handle Likes/Stars natively within WordPress.) Following this it could create a facepile of people who reposted/reshared the post. Then after this the rest of the comments should be sorted by date/time as comments traditionally are as this will allow people to more easily read/consume the actual commentary.

This post has an example of a combination of likes/favorites/reposts and actual comments that would be better sorted into a facepile section followed by a more "traditional" comments section.

I'm supposing that it's how Independent Publisher is rendering the output of wp_commentmeta into its comment section that causes some of these likes/favorites/reposts to disappear.

If it helps, I'll also point out a previous and possibly related issue I'd run across vis-a-vis IndieWeb and output of comments: The solution was most likely the way that the Semantic Linkbacks plugin (an IndieWeb WP-specific plugin) was handling its output. Here it's likely that @dshanske or pfefferle may be of more assistance in sorting things out if necessary.