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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@aaronpk @MissSteno Since I know you're a fan of linguistics (and the vowel r), I'll note that I've done some research into the history of stenography and found some interesting overlap with linguistics and ancient memory techniques:


@kingkool68 That might buy you some street cred, but it's a much higher bar than the "traditional" definition(s). ;)

Of course, if you want to go all-in, then you'll want audio too:


@cswordpress @redcrew @andrea_r @miklb @JJJ is awesome! It provides simple html so people can cut/paste their thread. Here's an example on my site from a conference last year:


@kristenhare A growing group of journalists are joining the IndieWeb movement to better own their work and data within their own personal archives as well as using tools like Ben's to archive their work on larger institutional repositories. There's a stub page on the group's wiki dedicated to ideas like this for journalists at

Coincident with these particular sites disappearing, there's now also news today that Peter Thiel may purchase Gawker in a bid to make it disappear from the internet, which makes these tools all the more relevant to the thousands who wrote for that outlet over the past decade.

For journalists and technologists who are deeply committed to these ideas, I'd recommend visiting the Reynolds Journalism Institute. They just finished a two day conference entitled "Dodging the Memory Hole" at the Internet Archive last week focused on saving/archiving digital news in various forms. ( Naturally most of the conference was streamed and is available on YouTube (as well as archived.) Keep your eyes peeled for next year's conference which typically occurs in November.


@jayrosen_nyu, @jeffjarvis and students may appreciate the live stream from Internet Archive: Dodging the Memory Hole 2017

Naturally the whole conference will be archived.


Day 2 of Dodging the Memory Hole 2017 is streaming live now:

The schedule and details can be found here:


@ChrisAldrich As an example of Noter Live's functionality, I was able to cut and paste my Tweet stream/storm from last year's conference at UCLA and post it in its entirety in just a few minutes:


I'm curating a list of people talking about Dodging The Memory Hole here:
Tweet to add yourself.


Wish I was @internetarchive for Dodging the Memory Hole 2017
It's streaming live now:


.@chronotope & @pressfwd may appreciate this conference
Dodging the Memory Hole 2017


@mattscomments I suspect there will be some folks at who bring it up:


That last sentence defining the blockchain is fantastic.

If you hadn't heard of it yet, I attended a conference last year at UCLA entitled Dodging the Memory Hole, which I suspect is right up your alley. I know they're gearing up for another installment later this year at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. I suspect you'll find lots of friends there, and they're still accepting talks.


Did @ifttt really turn off @twitter recipe that allowed one to add twits to a list automatically?


Replied to a post on :

I can't see a reason it wouldn't be a good idea to do so. Perhaps if it's not a valid Twitter name, it gets wrapped in slighly different code and/or CSS, to indicate it won't resolve to an actual link?