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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







Excited to see @danehillard working on Webmention for Django!


@billbennettnz Some resources for intersection of indieweb & journalism which you may appreciate


@Chronotope Nice stream on journalism/publishing. Online publications can learn a lot from the model of publishing.


Great research by B. Fitzgerald into ad trackers used by misleading news to generate revenue.

A few favorite passages:
"Using an intercepting proxy, we observe nearly 800 different calls to several hundred distinct urls while visiting the homepage and a single article on TMZWorldStarNews."

"How can we expect ad trackers to heed calls for increased responsibility when mainstream news organizations continue to give money and user data to companies that support misinformation?"


Jeremy, thanks for another great example in the wild of another journalist doing this type of workflow.

I know you read the article "What Web Page Structure Reveals on News Quality" the other day, as did I. From that I also found and read The Platform Press: How Silicon Valley reengineered journalism which talks about the platform problem that news producers are having. I'm hoping that new structures like those in the indieweb will help to remedy some of their problem over time. It's not just people who need to take agency over their own online presences, but news organizations and content producers as well.


@cleverdevil If you're going to do a tweetstorm, then you should do it so that you still own all of the content at the end.

Aggregating it at the end for easier reading isn't just a bonus feature.

I've written a tad about tweetstorms as they relate to journalism and better aggregation which covers some of this area too:


@leolaporte @TWiT @jeffjarvis How about This Week in Journalism with @jayrosen_nyu?


@Chronotope I may have recommended Noter Live to you before, but just in case:


@MarinaSGerner I liked your work (and your website) so much, I had to write about it:


A great piece on the potential future of journalism by @jeffjarvis: From Media to Memes


I'm a sucker for notebook journalism | Pocket Paper Notebook Showdown: Moleskine vs. Field Notes