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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation



@jgmac1106 @wiobyrne I'm excited! Open is good, but most think it hurts bottom line. Did I mention I have a small publishing company? ;)

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National Archives (NARA) and Mellon Foundation Partner to Create Digital Edition Publishing Cooperatives/@infodocket


Duplication of links upon update · Issue #45 · dshanske/syndication-links

With v3.1.1 and relying on SNAP for POSSE, I'm noticing that after publishing and syndicating, if one comes back and edits a post and then updates it, Syndication Links regrabs the URL's and duplicates the links.

The first unedited version that is shown seems to be a plain http link and after editing/updating, the second duplicated link that is added automatically is an https version.

Manually deleting either of the included links from the Syndication Links box doesn't get rid of the links.

This duplication of the links only happens on posts which have been later edited/updated.

Here the Twitter and Facebook links, which are generated from SNAP, are duplicated, first as http and then again as https. As a test, the two other syndication links are non-SNAP generated links: huffduffer was manually inserted, and the WordPress one was generated from the WordPress Cross Post plugin, so I'm guessing it's an issue caused by the storage of SNAP links (which are https) versus Syndications Links' storage.


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I've had issues in the past with using IndieAuth logins and Known. Sometimes it's finicky and prefers the pattern and won't work with

I'll note that I've tried logging in with both:
and didn't have any problems/issues.
I suspect that for multi-user installations, Known needs the /profile/username addition to distinguish which account to allow publishing to. If I recall OwnYourGram had issues like this in the past if you need advice on what the solution was.

Does Kevin have a multiuser installation? Perhaps he was trying to log in with one account while logged into another?

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IDPF Members Approve Plan to Combine with W3C | International Digital Publishing Forum


After upgrading yesterday to both WP 4.6 and SNAP 3.6.8 (pro), I'm getting the following error when publishing new posts:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Post as array in /homepages/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/inc/nxs_functions_adv.php on line 155

The post publishes as expected and then the error is thrown. When reviewing over the post afterwards, it appears that it didn't post to Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter, which had been selected on this particular post.


@natalieasis Having worked in publishing/entertainment and having a knowledge base of IT, complexity, let me know how I can help.


@natalieasis I look at publishing an already see the vampire zeitgeist as done nearly 2 years ago after zombies jumped the shark.


@natalieasis I have a little publishing company on the side, so I'm curious what 1001books is? Doesn't look like it has an active site.


My answer to "What is your review of LiveJournal? - Quora"

It’s definitely not a good platform from an IndieWeb ( perspective. The details on the wiki entry at Indieweb pretty much say it all from a flexibility and long term perspective: LiveJournal - IndieWeb ( You’d be better off with your own personal site and then cross-publishing to LiveJournal if you have a particular audience there that you want to reach and it’s worth spending the money.

If you’re choosing a platform, perhaps take a look at projects ( For beginners looking for something simple and inexpensive as well as easy to maintain, I’d recommend ( or Known ( These will be better at allowing you to own your own domain and own your own data while still offering a large number of more modern blogging/web features.

Other resources:
* Getting Started - IndieWeb (
* Transitional Steps (


I love @Nuzzel!
@abrams, The new newsletter functionality is pretty cool, however, I tried spelunking to get rid of daily email notifications for a newsletter I don't care about/send out and ended up turning on a daily email notification for another(!) newsletter I don't care about. Can you add a toggle for these email notifications in the settings page before these emails ruin what is otherwise a near-perfect news aggregation tool?

Other thoughts:
Given the newsletter functionality, it wouldn't take too much more UI to turn this into a broader functioning link blog. Could I have a bookmarklet to add articles to my newsletter? Could I embed my daily links/newsletter into my blog to improve pre-existing reach? How about alternate timeframes for publishing a newsletter (daily/weekly/monthly)?


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Issue un-authenticating while moving from one site to another · Issue #29 · aaronpk/OwnYourGram

I was moving my Instagram posting target from a WordPress install to a Known install.

For my WP install, on IG I revoked access from OYG and then reauthenticated for my Known site at However, I'm still getting micropub posts to the WP install at (Note that I would like to keep both sites listed in my Instagram profile/bio, if that makes a difference.)

Is there something else I need to do to deactivate ownyourgram from publishing to my WordPress install?

Is it possible that OwnYourGram holds the same authentication for two separate sites using the same Instagram account? This could mean that one would need an "off" switch through the ownyourgram interface to deauthorize one site. It could also separately be the case that Instagram didn't flush a cache which allowed my last IG post to the WP site to slip through.


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Excerpt not copying properly · Issue #7 · meitar/wp-crosspost

When I do this:
Post something on my self-hosted WP blog without anything in the "Excerpt" field

This happens:
The crosspost that appears on seems to have cut and pasted a portion of the body of the original along with the notice about the original post into the excerpt field.

Complicating things somewhat is that I'm using the 2016 theme which utilizes the excerpt as a magazine-like "kicker" or subtitle, so it publishes the excerpt as a teaser line between the title of the post and the traditional body of the post. With most themes this "bug" isn't as problematic as the excerpt is used as metadata, but in my case it's publishing content in a duplicative fashion.

Original post:
Syndicated post:

As an aside, given your personal philosophy and the motivation behind this particular plugin and your tumblr crossposter, if you're not already aware of them, I thought I'd mention the [IndieWeb movement]( which is firmly behind people owning their own data (as opposed to corporate silos like Facebook, Twitter, et. al. owning it) as well as their online identities. (It's also part of the reason I've been using this particular plugin). I suspect you'll appreciate their mission and potentially be able to use portions of their opensource code and related work.


Lit Fest Pasadena panel on Indie Publishing #Foursquare,